Saturday, 4 May 2013

Vertical Planting

Gardening in the city is definitely a complex art.  Much contemplation on how to make it work with the growing "family" and how hot it has been lately (flies comes with organic gardening), we decided to do it vertically.
A hole drilled at the bottom and a used wet shirt tied into the bottom of the top bucket, connecting it to the bottom bucket to ensure water continuation
The lettuces at the end of their careers
For memory sake, we keep some in their original state.

The empty buckets re-used for fragrant south east Asian lime trees.  Have to wait till next year to expect any yummy treats.

The vegetables are sprayed by onion concoction that we made by mixing used onion (because you have to finish an onion once you opened it, otherwise it becomes toxic to your body, if you store it.  This became a perfect candidate for organic pest repellent) with water and putting it into a pump.

As with the flies, I once saw a friend's farm having a used bottle, halfway filled with cow dung and somehow, the flies just flew right inside and became intoxicated by the smell and never could come out.
Now, I don't fancy having a cow dung smell in my backyard, so I talk to the flies and just make a pact, "You guys stay in your territory, rabbit manure and all, I stay in my territory, nobody gets hurt.".  It works, LOL.

Two days of back breaking work but very content at how spacious my backyard is once again.

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