Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Head

It is one difficult thing to master the Chinese language. Try to do that when a million of other things are in your head. Hence the word "head" for this little girl to write. I wonder why the teacher was so angry and my little girl came crying to me...

Now I reckon it is a bit hieroglyphic-y and graphic way to write "head". Off she goes to do another batch...

The Glasses

Remember that time when your mom took you to the optometrist because you're unable to see the writings on the blackboard anymore from where you're sitting?

It probably went like this:
"Here's your new glasses"
"Surprised, everything look so clear!  EEK!"
"Am not wearing these extra pair of eyes, period!" 
"Hmm, it looks better if the can wears it"
"Mom gives up and say OK just have more carrots" 
"Throwing it in the bin?  Not OK!"

Teaming Up

Since there are only the two of us ....
"Two of us in 'Love Pavillion' on natural setting"  (not that other interpretation of us being in cage while the birds fly free)
... it's only natural for these girls to be teams of two, too.

Glow in the Dark

She's been obsessed with anything glow in the dark.

 We acquired some stars to light up the way to the bathroom.

Then for our next project, we'll build the solar system using cardboard, some strings and some quirky paints.

What do you know, it really glows when I stored the paints back in the cupboard.  Hehehe.