Friday, 30 December 2011

New Year's Resolution

Counting down to 2012.
Time to do some reflection....
Maybe the resolution is to make friends with that shy girl in class.
Maybe it is to stop drawing on the workbook.

Whatever it is, make sure "being a better person" is included.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Holidays

What better way to get her to write than this:

The little cake for a year's hard work

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Doodly Doo Doo

The Shopping List
 What a girl to do in the morning? 
OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)
 Favourite Disney characters:

"Tangled 2"
After the Prince rescued Rapunzel...
She met the giant girl
Poor Rapunzel about to lose her long locks...
But she grew it back, although a bit tangled....
Met a friend who's a beautician...
Got her pretty again.
 So the cool magician can marry her off to her prince.
The End


Apparently Power Puff Girls has Rowdy Rough Boys (???) as partners.  
Take ButterCup for example here.
ButterCup is fine on her own.
But when she's with the boy partner...
Notice the downward mouth?  It all becomes TUNA.  Blegh!
So the story goes, the RRB invaded from their tiny space ship.  They got bigger when they come out of it.

The girls were happy at first, but then fight begins.

 Of course, PPG wins!

When PPG wins they become nice again...

But RRB is scared of PPG.

Sailor Moon

When she was 3, she called me Jupiter.  Why?  Because it only made sense that I'm the biggest planet in her life.  And it only made sense to call herself Pluto.  So when I told her that a scientist declared that Pluto is not a planet anymore, she became furious.
One day she came home with this from her teacher:
"Sailor Moon" was from my time, but it made sense to her because they have planet names.  Who would've thought!

It's The Thoughts That Counts

What I like about her current school is that the kids are taught that birthdays are not about the party or the goody bags nor the gifts.  It's the thought that counts and what better way to express it than giving someone a birthday card drawn yourself.
Front Cover: Totally given away the content of the birthday gift...
Inside Right: He's licking his lips after he ate the delicious choc bar.
Back Cover: He accidentally made her fell last week, so here she is falling on  a bed of flowers.

Home Schooling Bloopers

BrainQuest Grade 2 Workbook:

By a 5 y.o
By the same 5 y.o
And to think that this is the same left handed child who was once throwing her pencils away because she was forced to be right handed by the school that she was in at that time.