Sunday, 26 June 2011

A Big Treat for A Little Girl

It's school holiday for this 5 year old, but "Holiday Program" is on, so it's school as usual with different friends from other schools.
First day, she thought she'd gone into Twilight Zone, stunned for 5 minutes in her usual class, but filled with different kids. Cute I thought. I did tell her that she will join the program but her best friend bailed out on the first week. She was rather down, but quickly made new friends.

So, yesterday, as the first week of holiday school ended, I decided to take her out for a lunch treat. Afterwards, we ventured into the bookshop and as soon as we got to the children's fiction's section, she screamed with excitement, "Aaah Roald Dahl's collection!!!".

Took me quite sometime to search where it was, and then there it was, perching high up on top of the shelves, two boxes of the same 15 best selling novels collection. I was amazed, it must be fated.
At the check out counter:
Cashier: "Do you have the [store name] member?"
Me: "No."
Cashier: "Do you have the [bank name] credit card?'
Me: "No."
Cashier: smiled (perhaps thinking, "Well, so it's full price for you deary.")
A strange nice looking lad next to me said: "You can use my membership."
Me: "Are you sure? Oh, thank you so much."
Cashier: smiled (perhaps thinking, "Is he filrting with her???")
Me: dry smile (thinking nope, he's not, look at me, I'm with my kid, buying her books.)
Cashier: "So, total becomes [price after 10% member discount]."
Me: handing the card (said to myself, hold your "Yessss" till you get to the car, hold it, hold it)

Enough said, nope, he wasn't flirting, I am beginning to suspect that he also gets points from using the member card. Mutual benefit, mais non?

I think it's karma, for those coupons I once gave to this mother with daughter, enabling them to get freebies at the supermarket. Or perhaps it was that sticker I gave that lady that was collecting it. Well, now I know, karma, paying it forward, anyway you call it, it does has its magic.

Came home with a smile on both of our faces. She has 15 novels to read, I have, well, I had a discount didn't I? I'm happy.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Midwinter Story

It's past midwinter here and each day the skies are full of joy and sorrow.
Sun and rain display themselves with vigour and all living things are mute in wonder at it all.
The passing displays of rage and quietude.

After work yesterday I rode up to Matakana on the bike in waning winter light.
The bike hummed in exhiliration at its new freedom and we rode together through Long shadows, darkening colours and keen, cold air.

Gradually the straight and long motorway gave way to turns and twists and as I passed by fields wet with winter rains and turned through slick corners, black and shiny with soft rains, the poetry of the ride seized me and the joy of living came as an unexpected but wonderfully welcome warmth as the keen air felt for all the chinks in my armour.

It was beautiful.
At the last, when the light was almost gone, I turned to the coast and rode to my friends' cottage facing a still and cosy bay and already aglow with the evening fire and the first glass of wine.
He is a painter and she a photographer.
Our friendship goes back before time it seems.
The kindnesses of old friends are worth more than can be said................

Monday, 20 June 2011

Weekend in ....

For a change, the usual view of Tolo Harbour
is replaced with city view.
I think next time I'll stick to Tolo Harbour view.

1881 Heritage, while it is a perfect place for wedding couples to take their photos, I can't see much of anything else going on.

A taste of home in this bottle.

My Take on the New Trend

Colour Blocking!!!

Not so daring as it should be is it?

The Art Class Story

As always, my darling baby comes back tired after every art class. Last weekend, she came back with a story about the new boy in class that distracted her very much from her drawing.
When I took a look at her picture of the week, doesn't surprise me much that it's:

Outside of class are still these:

Full Skirt Completed

After long pause because of being buried under piles of mundane work, therefore resulted in sickness and loss of weight, I am happy to announce that finally, the neglected challenge had been completed. Here is the result:

Friday, 10 June 2011

Joining Art Class

It's time to enrol this lil artist to a proper class.
Hopefully her passion for art will flourish in the hands of experienced teachers.

Some of her drawings:

In class....

Out of class.....

Hmm, good things take time I guess.....