Friday, 26 August 2011

Musicals, Exhibition and BLOCH

My reason for being M.I.A is because I was lost in the streets of Melbourne city, under 2 very contrasting musicals and an exhibition.

"Love Never Dies" was totally me outside of the classical ballet, opera and music.
Tragic love story rekindled 10 years later, resulting in even more tragic ending. Christine left the Phantom of the Opera as a single dad with a 10 year old son to raise. Hmmm, fancy a hook up with me, Phantom?

The set. Taken while getting told off like a 5 year old, "Put away that camera!". LOL, "Sorry, no English"....shrug....
The ceiling of Regent Theatre, beautiful.
The sides, beautiful again.
The 2 worth listening everyday songs are:
- Love Never Dies
- Look With Your Heart

"Rock Of Ages", well, ahem, what can I say about something that started with "Say 'Hi' to the next person beside you, no, not the one you came here with, the stranger that you might go home with." ???!!!???
Great dirty jokes, occasionally too loud, a bit dry second act, to sum it up, I had a gift of banging headache afterwards. What a cacophony.
The only worth listening everyday song is:
- More Than Words

"King Tutankhamun" exhibition by National Geography was held in the museum.
If you were like me, expecting a coffin of the boy king, you'll be very disappointed. The only coffin there was of his grandparent.
A little souvenir for the little girl waiting for me to come back.
Despite the disappointment, the exhibition itself was quite well executed. Starting with his ancestors, ending up with a projector's vision of the layers in his tomb. The kids will love it.
Funny story was how the hype of King Tut's curse, brought a mad (mentally ill) woman to the exhibition and started telling the kiddies there about how they're all going to die by going to this exhibition. Umm, security?!?!

Bourke St., Flinders St, South Bank, Little Collins St., name any street in Melbourne city, I think I've at least passed it.

At one point my feet was giving up on me. I ended up shoe shopping!!! Yeay!!! What an excuse.

So, Repetto and Bloch were the ones to look for, old dance shoes companies, never own one but very very comfy (supposedly).

Repetto is French, so I thought I was in the wrong country to be searching for it in the first place.
Bloch is....Australian!!!
From AUD150 discounted to AUD90, the last pair, in my size, NO PROBLEMO, especially ecstatic when the cashier only asked for AUD75!!!!!!! Whoaaaa, it must've been my lucky day.
But as I walked out with it, uh oh, the shoes need braking in, it was pinching me at the back, so badly, I think I must've looked like a crippled. So, break it in with a bit of Moet and sparkling Italian water. LOL.
It was good to go after half a day.

A Haiku.
Bye bye Melbourne city.
Maybe I'll come back later,
lets wait until my account gets fatter.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What Kind of Parent Are You?

Thanks to the Daily Mail, I get my latest dish on informative entertainment news. There's been a few articles that talks about the latest acronyms. Since I'm now a [single] parent, I find these articles rather amusing, something to look forward to everyday.

These are my favourite acronyms:

SKI - Spending [the] Kid's Inheritance
SMOG - Smug Mother of [a] Girl
DMOB - Defensive Mother of [a] Boy

I would add one more to the list above:

SMOP - Single Mother on [the] Prowl

Now, if I was to introduce myself in a Single Mother Anonymous, it'll be something like this (hypothetically speaking):

"Hi, I'm a SMOP SMOG who's SKI-ing."

Love you too, sweetheart...

Monday, 8 August 2011

New Books

Thanks to Grandpa's genius idea, this little girl gets her first two possibly most important books in her life.

Smaller than the length of her wand.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Crazy Sunday Morning

A lot of things happened over the weekend and she just couldn't help but waking up on Sunday morning with a lot of things to draw about.
My mom fell down.
She had ballet class.
Gave a toy to her little friend who visited us with his grandmother.
Plus some other things.

Separation Anxiety

The thing about this little one who hates to write, is that she rather expresses how she feels in her drawings. Knowing that I'm going away for a few weeks, she's very anxious not getting those morning and night hugs and kisses.

Drawing in art class:

A letter for me:
Outside class:
Her fascination on Tinkerbell:
On Angelina Ballerina:
On PPG (Power Puff Girls):
On the question "Anything interesting happened at school, dear?"