Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What Kind of Parent Are You?

Thanks to the Daily Mail, I get my latest dish on informative entertainment news. There's been a few articles that talks about the latest acronyms. Since I'm now a [single] parent, I find these articles rather amusing, something to look forward to everyday.

These are my favourite acronyms:

SKI - Spending [the] Kid's Inheritance
SMOG - Smug Mother of [a] Girl
DMOB - Defensive Mother of [a] Boy

I would add one more to the list above:

SMOP - Single Mother on [the] Prowl

Now, if I was to introduce myself in a Single Mother Anonymous, it'll be something like this (hypothetically speaking):

"Hi, I'm a SMOP SMOG who's SKI-ing."

Love you too, sweetheart...

1 comment:

  1. LOL I love these acronyms - hilarious! Daily Mail is my secret pleasure too :)