Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wedding Bells

So, the teachers at the kindy are either getting married or heavily pregnant.
The kids are so excited to go to perhaps the wedding of their early life.
Beautiful Javanese bride and influential groom are the ingredients to one lavish wedding.
With the whole kindy being invited, the kids were having such awesome time.
Here are some the snapshots.

Us getting ready to go. She insisted on going au naturale.

The extra oomph for the red pocket.

I wonder what this is all about... The only one obvious caption would be....."Can you smell my armpit?"

Lovely teacher, cheeky kid.

When You're at...

When you confess your love, you're immediately susceptible to heartbreak.

When you're at your most vulnerable state, you're at your strongest moment.

When you have no one else to depend on but yourself, you realise that you have more strength than you thought you had.

When you can look back to all the heartbreaks you had before and still keep their friendships, that's when you mature as a person.

Would you rather hurt than feel nothing at all?

Maybe it's hard to sleep at night.

Maybe every waking moment is a struggle.

Maybe you just feel old and over it.

Just remember, when you're at your lowest point, there's only one way out, that is to go up.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Read the Signs...

There are signs all around us. Road signs, obviously to keep the traffic in order.
What about those invisible signs in life? Telling us that probably, we had enough? Frequent arguments perhaps? Could always blame it on PMS, but when the "guest" has left and you're still getting cranky for the smallest thing? Lady, when you gotta go, you just gotta go.

So, that is exactly what I'm doing. Mind you, the camera was giving me the most obvious signal. When the battery won't last for more than 10 minutes, then you just have to GET A NEW CAMERA!

The list:

- shop for next day's outfit
- get a new camera so I can get those piling up drawings photographed and posted (recommendation needed)
- catch up with dearest BFF ( you know who you are)
- exchange bling for another bling <----need to be corrected but a dilemma when you're just staying above the shop
- oh yes, relaxing by soaking in heated outdoor pool and find my lost self again
- get more fabrics on the way back home
Ain't I an angel for the short list?

Fingers cross my destination would not get struck by anything major.