Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wedding Bells

So, the teachers at the kindy are either getting married or heavily pregnant.
The kids are so excited to go to perhaps the wedding of their early life.
Beautiful Javanese bride and influential groom are the ingredients to one lavish wedding.
With the whole kindy being invited, the kids were having such awesome time.
Here are some the snapshots.

Us getting ready to go. She insisted on going au naturale.

The extra oomph for the red pocket.

I wonder what this is all about... The only one obvious caption would be....."Can you smell my armpit?"

Lovely teacher, cheeky kid.


  1. Possilbe Caption #2: I don't really want to talk to you, is that not obvious enough?

    Something about girls and all these fairy tales and weddings, eh!!

    Hopefully I will be able to take Emma to a wedding soon, too!! She thinks she's up for being the flower girl! :P We will see about that!

  2. I like the "Possible Caption" scenarios. *Smile*
    You should have seen the wedding we went to, it was a lavish traditional Indo wedding, the girls literally was adorned with flowers, diamonds, just stunning, beautiful indeed. Plenty of body guards around with their little walkie receivers attached to their coat lapels, amazing attendance, just lining up to shake hands with the couple. Wish I could take pictures. It would've been stunning.
    There's something "grandioso" about these expensive traditional wedding that just awes me still.