Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Little Grown Up

Since we have started homeschooling, my little 6 years old had learnt myriads of things especially on the environment and science.
It made me chuckle to see her using one finger to answer the questions. Perhaps it is time to get her to learn how to type.


Introducing "Delansey" she is just a girl. Hahaha.


Introducing "Nina" the kid agent. Just 10 years old but already spying on people.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ships & Boats

She was given this as a farewell gift by one of her school friend.

No tools is correct.

Easy to assemble...depends. If you found them lying on the floor, disarrayed and detached from the actual frame that held the pieces together, then it's hard!
Educational, yes.

Great decoration kept the boy who visits us occupied for around 30 minutes. But her...only 5 minutes after I finally assembled them.  These are the pictures after it's been played.  I must say they are rather flimsy after so many hands handling.  Especially the flag posts which don't hold very well.
Overall, aside from the frustration of identifying and assembling without proper instruction sheet, I think it's a great puzzle.  
Perhaps if it was Cinderella's castle/ Sleeping Beauty's castle 3d puzzle, she'd be more keen.
We had fun saying "Aye, Cap'n" and "Ahoy sailors" though.

Letter for mom

It's things like these that makes you stop getting angry at her.

Even when it's in hieroglyphs, that only she would understand. 

Fireboy and Watergirl

This is her version...

It's an addictive brain teaser game that we found through a great free math homeschooling site and we've been on it for a few months now.  
Here is the link to the latest one:

Happy playing students!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Bracelet Mania

They say a child can only concentrate for around 15 minutes. I say that their preference will only last for 5 minutes.
Remember that necklace? Well it's now 2 bracelets.

Necklace Day

What an accomplishment for a 6 year old. First, an initiative to start arts and crafts day on her own. Second, a beautiful masterpiece. Of many more to come perhaps?

This is the kit.  It's for 3 - 8 years old but the flowers cut out, which can be incorporated into the design, takes a little bit more skills to put the string into the little hole.  I used a piece of stiffer string that acts as a hook to fish out the actual string for the necklace.

Saturday, 16 June 2012


The beautiful woman ....

Went into the powder room and applied something ...

She came out like this...

It happens sometimes!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Graduation Day

What cutesies graduating at 6years old. They had "Guadeamus Igatur" as their procession song and a bunch of eager spectators consisting of happy parents and big/& little siblings that are still quietly breast feeding. I may be the only parent sitting down happily blogging away this phenomenon.

Life surely will flash away before these kidlets lives. Hopefully they learn how to be compassionate and caring towards the future of their earth. Bring on Homeschooling!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Tom & Jerry

I know how most mothers will react when they hear that my kid watches Tom & Jerry shows.  ***Shriek of horror***
That show probably has the most torture ever, kicking, hitting, slapping, falling, etc.  The whole time she watches it, she kept on saying "I won't copy them mom", or "I won't do it mom", or "Promise you just this one ok?".  Well I never get that promise fulfilled because it is such an addictive show.

Just look at these.
Tom & Jerry in human form
Someone is stuck in the elevator while the other is enjoying the pool
The one who got stuck in the elevator came out dripping with water, wonder why?
Salon of Love, **wink**
Redecorating the house, choosing colours
Reading up on next undercover assignment "How to Act Like a Cat"
Acting like a cat but not looking like one, making the real cat person a bit annoyed
Still teasing the cat just like a mouse
Got the mouse person drowned, really?  A mouse person cannot swim?

Tea Party

The importance of reading the instructions thoroughly before handling anything is the pinnacle of success.  That is, if the paper in question is to be found after your child reads it.
Luckily I captured it on camera, but unfortunately, forgotten that I did.  Therefore spent a good half hour just pondering, searching high and low on the whereabouts of the instruction sheet.  The perks of aging, because I had a good laugh posting this and finding it in my camera file.

There are a lot of check list in this project.  Mainly because we're dealing with real breakable ceramics and the techniques that comes with it.  Which inspired me to remind myself to take up pottery or earthenware decorating or anything of the sorts, if the opportunity arise.

The tea set came bare.

The instruction sheet was quite precise, I heard her reading through the bullet points but it vanishes into thin air after that.  I still wonder up till now on its whereabouts.  Strange indeed.
Make notes to the allowing 24 hours before placing it into the oven and also not to take them out immediately after baking.

 A nice simple example of using the sticker stencil to make the flower.  Mind you, if you don't stick the sticker properly onto the surface of the ceramic, the paint will seep into the sides and when you pull out the sticker, the shape isn't apparent at all.  Just use your imagination would be the best option.

First attempt by little artist in the making.

Spent a good hour on the pieces, working her way out methodically.  Using the bright colours first, cleaning the brush with water each time she wants to change colour, and finally ending up with the darkest colour.

 Mommy couldn't help but to try out the sticker stencils and doing second coats.

Left is a poor pink flower that's been over baked (30 minutes in 150 degrees oven?  really?  This was 15 minutes only and the pink "turned").  Right is the pink flower that retained it's pinkiness after only 10 minutes.  I'm not sure why but it's probably the small oven that I have that's mucking the instruction up.  The cracks in the paints happens from the rapid change of temperature, I think.  Hence, follow the instructions when you do get something like this.

 The finished products.  Now we can have a lovely mad hatter tea party.  Pass me my tall hat please....