Monday, 4 June 2012

Tom & Jerry

I know how most mothers will react when they hear that my kid watches Tom & Jerry shows.  ***Shriek of horror***
That show probably has the most torture ever, kicking, hitting, slapping, falling, etc.  The whole time she watches it, she kept on saying "I won't copy them mom", or "I won't do it mom", or "Promise you just this one ok?".  Well I never get that promise fulfilled because it is such an addictive show.

Just look at these.
Tom & Jerry in human form
Someone is stuck in the elevator while the other is enjoying the pool
The one who got stuck in the elevator came out dripping with water, wonder why?
Salon of Love, **wink**
Redecorating the house, choosing colours
Reading up on next undercover assignment "How to Act Like a Cat"
Acting like a cat but not looking like one, making the real cat person a bit annoyed
Still teasing the cat just like a mouse
Got the mouse person drowned, really?  A mouse person cannot swim?

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