Monday, 4 June 2012

Tea Party

The importance of reading the instructions thoroughly before handling anything is the pinnacle of success.  That is, if the paper in question is to be found after your child reads it.
Luckily I captured it on camera, but unfortunately, forgotten that I did.  Therefore spent a good half hour just pondering, searching high and low on the whereabouts of the instruction sheet.  The perks of aging, because I had a good laugh posting this and finding it in my camera file.

There are a lot of check list in this project.  Mainly because we're dealing with real breakable ceramics and the techniques that comes with it.  Which inspired me to remind myself to take up pottery or earthenware decorating or anything of the sorts, if the opportunity arise.

The tea set came bare.

The instruction sheet was quite precise, I heard her reading through the bullet points but it vanishes into thin air after that.  I still wonder up till now on its whereabouts.  Strange indeed.
Make notes to the allowing 24 hours before placing it into the oven and also not to take them out immediately after baking.

 A nice simple example of using the sticker stencil to make the flower.  Mind you, if you don't stick the sticker properly onto the surface of the ceramic, the paint will seep into the sides and when you pull out the sticker, the shape isn't apparent at all.  Just use your imagination would be the best option.

First attempt by little artist in the making.

Spent a good hour on the pieces, working her way out methodically.  Using the bright colours first, cleaning the brush with water each time she wants to change colour, and finally ending up with the darkest colour.

 Mommy couldn't help but to try out the sticker stencils and doing second coats.

Left is a poor pink flower that's been over baked (30 minutes in 150 degrees oven?  really?  This was 15 minutes only and the pink "turned").  Right is the pink flower that retained it's pinkiness after only 10 minutes.  I'm not sure why but it's probably the small oven that I have that's mucking the instruction up.  The cracks in the paints happens from the rapid change of temperature, I think.  Hence, follow the instructions when you do get something like this.

 The finished products.  Now we can have a lovely mad hatter tea party.  Pass me my tall hat please....

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