Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Ships & Boats

She was given this as a farewell gift by one of her school friend.

No tools is correct.

Easy to assemble...depends. If you found them lying on the floor, disarrayed and detached from the actual frame that held the pieces together, then it's hard!
Educational, yes.

Great decoration item....it kept the boy who visits us occupied for around 30 minutes. But her...only 5 minutes after I finally assembled them.  These are the pictures after it's been played.  I must say they are rather flimsy after so many hands handling.  Especially the flag posts which don't hold very well.
Overall, aside from the frustration of identifying and assembling without proper instruction sheet, I think it's a great puzzle.  
Perhaps if it was Cinderella's castle/ Sleeping Beauty's castle 3d puzzle, she'd be more keen.
We had fun saying "Aye, Cap'n" and "Ahoy sailors" though.

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  1. I've actually always loved doing 3D puzzles like this!