Friday, 23 September 2011

Art Class

Inside the art class, the drawing looks consistently different from......
"Hide and Seek under the Moonlit Sky"
outside class......hmmmmm.  Also the size of the drawings gets smaller and smaller.  Is she testing my eyesight?
"PPG" (Power Puff Girls)


"Baby Thumbelina"???

"PPG@the background"

"Key Rings"

"Mommy and the Key Ring"

"Me Dancing"

"Me Putting on Boots"

I'm going to need reading glasses soon with these minuscule drawings....

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Rugby World Cup (RWC) 2011 fever!!!

I'm not a huge fan of any kind of sport involving sweaty men.  This time however, I educated myself through Wiki and I was sucked right inside the RWC fever.  It's happening at home and it unites everyone more than ever.  Even when I'm far away from home, I felt the excitement as I watched the highlights of the opening ceremony & match online.

For the fans in NZ, there is "FANZONE".  Nice place to take a long Saturday morning stroll.

An education on the scrummies / WAGS here.  Anyone spotted a royal yet?  I wonder...Auckland is pretty small.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Scene (Sin) of Freedom (being Free)?

As per the title goes, once in a while, I go off on my little escapade.  Feeling a little sinful on doing it solo, but it beats changing diaper everyday.

The goal is usually to be at peace with nature (that 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, 1000 thread count at least)
 and get some exercise (window shopping).

So the usual choices are big cities like this:


 Next to ACMI is this patch of man made garden.  I know what would happen if such things exists where I'm at currently.  Street hawkers haven!!!

 My little one's first reaction was, "Mommy, that's the Eiffel tower!", hmm, not quite...
 I kept on asking myself, why is the airport so quiet?  Nobody wants to leave this city?

In this city thriving with the old and new juxtaposition, I found the more money, status, power they possess, the more superstitious they become.  They have a point though, with a house nestled by the meandering roads and hugged by the mountain, who wouldn't get richer?

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Food for Thought, Part 5

Hong Kong's food: the good, the bad and the ugly

Prawn dumplings, Somewhere in Causeway Bay
 With the noodles.
 Veggie for the good.

You think it's tonic water?
 Guess again!  It's the bad.
 Salmon, tiny gherkins, apricot wrapped in prosciutto.
 Crispy Crab Cake & Forest Mushroom Thyme Tart
 They're so tiny I had problems capturing them.  Beef in cherry tomatoes & something quite delicious I don't know the name.

Chicken Wings in BBQ sauce with cheese dip, BLT Burger
 BLT Burger

The breakfast, sauted potatoes, cherry tomato, bacon, ham, sausage, and differently cooked egg.  Here is Fritata style with spinach.

 The other option for breakfast is chinese porridge with different fillings.  Here is the thousand year egg and pork.

BBQ pork with noodles, somewhere in Causeway Bay
 DUCK LIVER sausage!
 Can you spot the snake?

Food for Thought, Part 4

New Zealand's food: Modern Italian, American, Belgian

 Italian "Moak" coffee beans, Toto
 Assaggini - Chef's daily tasting platter, Toto
 Organic Beef, Toto
 Baby calamari, Toto
 Octopus with lime sauce, Toto
 Gnocchi with Neapolitana sauce, Toto
 Beef ravioli, spinach, mixed mushroom ragu, truffle oil, Toto
 Agnello, milk fed lamb rullade in parma ham, stuffed w ricotta provolone, pine nuts and sultanas on New Zealand artichoke, baby peas and snow peas, Toto

Chicken Tortellini, Da Vinci's
 Spaghetti with Olive sauce and Anchovies, Da Vinci's

Lamb Shanks, Circus Circus
 Soup of the day - Tomato Soup, Circus Circus

Vegetarian patty, meatballs, steak, turkey and ham, Subway

The Chocolate Boutique, Parnell

 The goodies
  Berry Waffle, Chocolate Boutique
 Mocha, Chocolate Boutique
 Al denso, Chocolate Boutique

 Kriek, Belgian cafe