Sunday, 4 September 2011

Food for Thought, Part 5

Hong Kong's food: the good, the bad and the ugly

Prawn dumplings, Somewhere in Causeway Bay
 With the noodles.
 Veggie for the good.

You think it's tonic water?
 Guess again!  It's the bad.
 Salmon, tiny gherkins, apricot wrapped in prosciutto.
 Crispy Crab Cake & Forest Mushroom Thyme Tart
 They're so tiny I had problems capturing them.  Beef in cherry tomatoes & something quite delicious I don't know the name.

Chicken Wings in BBQ sauce with cheese dip, BLT Burger
 BLT Burger

The breakfast, sauted potatoes, cherry tomato, bacon, ham, sausage, and differently cooked egg.  Here is Fritata style with spinach.

 The other option for breakfast is chinese porridge with different fillings.  Here is the thousand year egg and pork.

BBQ pork with noodles, somewhere in Causeway Bay
 DUCK LIVER sausage!
 Can you spot the snake?


  1. Wow SO much amazing food - and I have never had snake soup before!

  2. After I had it, I stuck to my first thought, snakes are better as handbags than food. Couldn't open my jaw the next day! Overheat the body because of the snake.