Thursday, 8 September 2011

The Scene (Sin) of Freedom (being Free)?

As per the title goes, once in a while, I go off on my little escapade.  Feeling a little sinful on doing it solo, but it beats changing diaper everyday.

The goal is usually to be at peace with nature (that 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, 1000 thread count at least)
 and get some exercise (window shopping).

So the usual choices are big cities like this:


 Next to ACMI is this patch of man made garden.  I know what would happen if such things exists where I'm at currently.  Street hawkers haven!!!

 My little one's first reaction was, "Mommy, that's the Eiffel tower!", hmm, not quite...
 I kept on asking myself, why is the airport so quiet?  Nobody wants to leave this city?

In this city thriving with the old and new juxtaposition, I found the more money, status, power they possess, the more superstitious they become.  They have a point though, with a house nestled by the meandering roads and hugged by the mountain, who wouldn't get richer?

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