Monday, 8 February 2016

The Intuitive Knitter

Happy Fire Monkey Year!
Cashmere sweater made by Zealana Air Limited Edition dyed by Koigu
Cashmere neck and shoulder warmer using Zealana Air
This post has no pattern, but it uses all the knowledge I gained from my own knitting so far plus new skills such a fair isle and exact body measurement, to create my own unique pieces.

For as long as I have been knitting and crocheting, I found that I go into a meditative state.  So I decided to really go with the flow with these Air yarn.  At $50/hank (Koigu dyed) most people would think I'm nuts, threading without a game plan.  But I am that crazy and unafraid, so I did.

I bought the Zealana Air Limited Edition dyed by Koigu online and was a bit worried about whether it was going to be enough for a sweater I planned to knit since I only ordered 2 hanks and the rest were Charcoal Zealana Air.

These are taken from Zealana website.
AIR A01 Charcoal copy2A01 - CHARCOALLace Weight
25g : 175m : 191y
32–40sts over 10cm
US 1 : 2.25mm

619#619Lace Weight
50g : 350m : 382y
32–40sts over 10cm
US 1 : 2.2
When laid out, it looked more comforting that there's probably enough yarn for half of a sweater.

Using a 5.5mm KarbonZ, started from bottom up, then mom transitioned and everything had to stop.
Finally, a fitting session, quite happy with how it fits.  Oh boy it was hot as! (30C midday)
Finished it within a day after the fitting session.

Garter stitches for the cuffs, borders and neck, stockinette for the body.  Cuffs has hole for thumb.
Testing fair isle method...not a fan, doubt will try more...somebody convince me...

Not a fan of getting the carry on thread parts being thicker than the rest...
I modified my "Big Sweater Pattern" for the Koigu dyed sweater.  Armed with the understanding of 2rows=1cm measurement, I embarked on a journey with my measuring tape close by to get the body hugging sweater.  My method may be the most unconventional way of knitting and probably questionable by pro knitters out there.  Please understand I am an energy reader and now an intuitive knitter.

The shoulder warmer is a bit more complex.  I think I have it written down somewhere and drawn, but it's somewhere under the pile.  I'm moving and everything's buried somewhere in the many boxes I have stacked.  Maybe someday I'll write a proper fair isle pattern when I settle in my destination.

Please ask me any questions in the comment or G+ me.  Thanks for reading my lovely readers.

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Good News

This is what it feels like
29 days after mom left her body.  Last night, I was shown so much, I have no words to describe it.  Upon awaking, I went through my holiday pictures, and this is what I felt.

When we can bring forth what we love about someone, it inspires them to be their best selves.
When we feel regret and we feel bad about ourselves that we didn't do a good job, it brings out the worst in us.
So it's important to look at the positive in us first and then others.  Realise that when we've done our best in forgiving ourselves but the other party just keeps on condemning us, it is the hurt and pain in them that's causing it, it's not us.

Forgiveness does not equate reconciliation.
However, when you are able to forgive and reconcile with the same person that hurt you countless of times, it means you have forgiven and reconcile with yourself and you are the bigger person.
It doesn't matter whether the other person can do the same.  Most often they will not, because of their ego.
Life is too short to spend my time trying to help an egocentric person go through their growing up process.
Everyone is responsible for their own happiness.

Life is ... being happy on your own first and foremost ...
And if there's someone that resonates with your vibration, that person would say, "Hi ... can I come along for the ride?"
Then it's your choice to let him in or not.
Till that time .... I've got the world on a string, sittin' on a rainbow,
got the string around my finger, what a world, what a life, I'm in love ....