Sunday, 24 July 2011

Art Class continues.

After a few weeks break, the new term for art class begins.
With a bang I should say.
The teacher warned me to complete her art supplies (or she'll get kicked out for borrowing her friend's???).
Shopping time soon I guess. For genuine art supplies that is, not fake ones (uhuh, even for art supplies, there are real vs fake, not just for fashion, ladies).

The book she made during school holiday programme:

The drawings during art class:

The drawings during the holiday:
Inspired by the Power Puff Girls, it's the story about 3 super power girls, fighting evils.
They were trapped in prison somehow.
In order to get out of prison, they must win the match against a few evil things, namely the Octopus and the Ghost.
Finally they won?
And live happily ever after in a house with a chimney and rocking horse and x'mas tree?

What a difference! Am waiting for the time it becomes similar....tap....tap...tap....

Ever Wondered?

Ever wondered what happened to the top half of the dress in "Master of Recon" entry?
Here it is after applying small zigzag stitches to the edges (few rounds of it) and tucking in the insides.
Excuse the stuffing of the chest on the model form. It's my mom's size and the model form is well, obviously, a model's form.
I like the back buttons, somewhat (vaguely) reminded me of the back of Pippa Middleton's bride's maid dress.
Am not liking the two embroidered flowers left on the back. Maybe I will in the end gather up the courage to pick them out and stick them at the front. We'll see.

Master of Recon strikes back.

Remember this?
It ended up at the back section of my wardrobe, unworn as it showed too much for the humble office. It would've been perfect for a stroll along the beach with a straw hat. Sorry gal, there no beach in this forsaken town.

Inspired by the demure Princess Kate and her style, I decided that it's time for this dress to get some action.
So I "cut" open the straps.

And turn it into this:
Master of Recon decided that nice touch of rolled collar with the leftover bits.

Lace is the phase!

After the British Royal Wedding in April, lace is definitely selling well in all fabric stores.
The affordable lace is certainly fun to mess around with.
Here is the work of magic by Master of Recon.
Notice how you can't tell where the darts are?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Trick for Quietness

Put her in front of 3D tv...

Let her read novels...

Just let her do as she pleases in regards to drawing anywhere...on the nose...perhaps?

Monday, 4 July 2011

Master of Recon

The sad thing about trusting some local shop to make your evening gown is, when it's time to pay, their work is often below par.
It comes like a stab in the heart if you're not happy with what you get, especially when it's a one of a kind fabric, adorned with many hours of hand work, already pricey on its own.

Enough said, it was a heartache to see how it turned out. So, after its debut performance on mom, it went into the cupboard until my teacher saw it and said, "Lets reconstruct it. What a waste of beautiful fabric.".

So one Sunday, I gathered up the courage to do this....
This is what I think should be.....

Look at its details....
With the help of this beautiful thread.....

A dress for me magically appeared a week later.

Modelling pic...thank you teacher, you're truly the Master of Reconstruction.