Sunday, 24 July 2011

Art Class continues.

After a few weeks break, the new term for art class begins.
With a bang I should say.
The teacher warned me to complete her art supplies (or she'll get kicked out for borrowing her friend's???).
Shopping time soon I guess. For genuine art supplies that is, not fake ones (uhuh, even for art supplies, there are real vs fake, not just for fashion, ladies).

The book she made during school holiday programme:

The drawings during art class:

The drawings during the holiday:
Inspired by the Power Puff Girls, it's the story about 3 super power girls, fighting evils.
They were trapped in prison somehow.
In order to get out of prison, they must win the match against a few evil things, namely the Octopus and the Ghost.
Finally they won?
And live happily ever after in a house with a chimney and rocking horse and x'mas tree?

What a difference! Am waiting for the time it becomes similar....tap....tap...tap....


  1. why are they different?? bagus euy powerpuffnya.. a true representations of the trio

  2. She wrote PPG in the first of those series, I didn't know what PPG stands for till she told me. They're different because I have a hunch that at home she's too lazy to fill up the page.