Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sunday is now officially Arts and Crafts day.  This project is to replace all those odd boxes she's been using to keep her trinkets.  I thought she would have fun working on it, but oh how I was so wrong.

It came 'naked' without decoration
The gluing part was fun.  Hints that she can use her own trinkets and let her imagination runs wild was good too.  With a satisfying birds eye view result.

The next part, there's a bit of sewing technique involved and is proving too much for her.

This is when things got 'sour' with yells and screams because little kidlets are known for lack of patience and the tulle 'skirt' is more of a tulle 'bomb' when she does it.  Determination was high but when it kept on turning out wrong, it's mommy to the rescue time.
  The finished product with mommy's help.  Still insisting that the picture on the box looks much better than the real thing.

The little flowers was proving a bit difficult for her little fingers.  We ended up splitting the task, mommy does harder task, she does easier ones.  
The tulle skirt was proving to be too long and we ended up tucking it in and securing it with bits of the flowers.  This is where she commented again and again about how it is not like the one in the picture with big billowing skirt.  But what kind of a 5 year old says "billowing" anyway and finally succumb to the fact that it's all a marketing gimmick of lighting and angle to make her nag mommy to buy?

Hence I can now confirm to all parents that the creativity section is actually fun to do together with your children.  Warning that if you suffer from back and neck problems, it could heighten the pain especially if your children's trademark is still S & Y (aka. scream and yell) when difficulty arise.  So, choose your crafts wisely.


  1. Am not sure why the font is playing up...

  2. Yikes, sewing is so frustrating! She (and mom) did a great job. =)

  3. Chocsheep, it's a girly music box.

    Ricademus, thank you :)