Monday, 7 May 2012

When I'm Down...

All I need is to look at this:

And the many random drawings she did everywhere took me a while to digest what she's drawing about but apparently they're the technologies she misuse everyday (that supposedly there to help with her education).

Introducing: "The iPad".  Appearing on the screen are her crayons for her art, instead of the mathematics apps that I asked her to practice on.
"Exhibit 1"
"Exhibit 2"
Above is: "The TV" that shows "Upin and Ipin" instead of the 3 channels I ask her to pay close attention to (Discovery, NatGeo, Animal Planet).

Below is: "Granpa's Computer Screen" showing Chinese dancers, instead of Mandarin lessons for her.  I don't think she approved of that either by the "What the?" bubble in her drawing.
"Exhibit 3"
By the looks of it, she is very honest about her tech usage, isn't she?

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  1. Very honest! Exhibit 2 looks a little bit like baseball player.

    It's amazing how easily our kids an cheer us up. Until they are teenagers, then they are mostly annoying. LOL, jk, that's what I heard fomr my parents--and I was a VERY good kid. =)