Tuesday, 14 May 2013

We were born FREE

Today morning, we went to visit a newborn baby.  Much to our excitement, we found the 2 days old baby in the same room as the mother (other hospital had a different policy, babies would be kept in separate room to give mothers time out).
The superstar.
We were so happy to greet this special girl.  The energy in that room when we came were so positive, so much love, radiating and reminding us once again that we were born FREE.  

Society imposes on us: who we are, who we have to become, who we can love.  When we were born, we only knew of what we are and where we came from.  We are souls experiencing this human body, the little and fragile human anatomy.  We came from LOVE and we only have LOVE to give to others.  
Yet, we grow up only to realise that separation exists and have been very much embedded in society.  The lies and the shackles society created, it breaks my heart to see many souls forgetting where they came from. 

I'm sharing this video below in a hope that you will too, understand someday.  Yes, freedom is a choice and it is yours to choose.

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  1. Yes, I agree. We are not born equal and one day each one will awaken to realize she/he can choose...either Freedom or the comfort zone...

    Good observation.