Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Epic" Review

Yesterday was dark and gloomy, the supposedly dry season took a sudden turn into what looked like a start of the monsoon season.  That old rule of months ending with "ber" like September, October, November, and December are cold, windy, rainy months still hold true.  But now we get those "ber" months in non "ber" months.  Sunny and hot one day and cold and rainy the next.

After an epic fail of showing nicely in front of my old relatives (who showed up unexpectedly, we're talking about people who live in another country and out of town, coming in unnoticed and they think that's just awesome, NOT), especially when I was so busy, I might've missed out combing my hair (ok, not might've but actually did not).

On to the review!  The little girl started bothering me about seeing "Epic" since she saw online that it premiered on 24th May.  So, that was 4 days of nagging and screaming about "Epic".  I used that opportunity to teach her about going with the flow and letting go of obsession on outcome.  I would say that it's the hardest lesson to learn and not surprised that many adults aren't able to do that still.

Set during the day at the time of the summer solstice which coincide with the once in 100 years' lunar eclipse at the night of the full moon, immediately throws the audience for a magical ride.
Despite the deja-vous that I had from certain scenes, like oh, that's like "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids", or hmm, that feels like "Alice in Wonderland", I must say that when you watch animation in 3D, there are so many things to focus on that it just takes your breath away and this movie is exactly that, the backdrop were the lush forest somewhere out there and with it, were all the weird and wonderful creatures that inhibit the magical place.  Queen Tara for example was so much Barbie like that I wonder, is that really how Beyonce would look like, animated?
Queen Tara choosing the pod.
The messages that has been coming through to our little audiences are these:
- "just because you haven't seen something, it doesn't mean it's not there", Bomba the Stomper (Jason Sudeikis)
- "many leaves, one tree, we're all connected", Ronin the Leafmen (Colin Farrell)
- "I'm going to destroy the forest, I'm sick of balance, the forest belong to the darkness, you can't stop the rot", Mandrake (Christoph Waltz)
- "you're here for a reason, sometimes the connection aren't clear", Queen Tara (Beyonce)
- "if our world dies, your world will die, too", Nod (Josh Hutcherson)

Now, in light to the recent Public Disclosure on UFO, I feel that our children are being prepared for something huge.  As seen in the "Croods" before as well, the same messages prevail.  It may be another decade until we actually being shown anything solid, to do with colonies living in another dimension, vibrating at a higher frequency than us, but these animators are laying the brickwork for our kids so they won't be surprised.  We are so waiting for that day to come, but remember, only those ones who believe will experience the magic first. 

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