Friday, 26 April 2013

The Blood

The implanting of the Brain
"With special FX you can do it, too!"
Since the movies that we watched was quite gruesome, i.e. blood splattering as a body was thrown from a high rise building.  We started a discussion of the special effects used in movies.  
It was quite a revelation for her to find out that nobody actually dies in the Tommy Cavendish scene in Cloud Atlas.  Although, she wanted to experiment on her own. I only just managed to halt a pre-planned prank she was about to pull on her grandparents.

Fancy some blood recipes?
These are what you need:
- a pinch of Carboxy methyl cellulose (a gelling agent)
- a pinch of red food colouring
- a pinch of black food colouring
- a pinch of pink food colouring
- water to get the desired effect

You should end up with something like this:
 To pull a prank like this:
"AAAAHHH, pooped my gut out!!!"

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