Friday, 5 April 2013

She Paints Horses

Since I was young, I am always fascinated by horses.  It has an enchanting factor that holds power over any other creature.
Interestingly, someone else across the other side of the world, also have the same passion over horses.
While mine can only be expressed through music (think of a Chinese folk song played on the Erhu), Kasia Grajoszek expresses hers over canvas.

I must say, this black stallion against the red background is the one that I love most.
Visit her site by clicking this link: she paints horses

I'm using this image that I took a while back, of a horse and cart which am not so keen about.  I always thought that they should be free.

This word makes me stop and wonder, what human seldom realise, that if they slow down and value the things they do from the moment they wake up, the ones that worth the most, are actually the ones without a price tag.

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