Sunday, 14 April 2013

Channeling Erik

Things do not happen coincidentally in life.

Everybody, whether they acknowledge it or not, are connected with everybody else, regardless of their geographical location, age, race, religion, etc.
It is the sense of this separation from everyone else that makes one feels the emptiness in their life.

Others who are connected, realise that this separation, is something unique to us as human.  To have amnesia of where we came from, of what our missions are, and of what we're actually made of, it is truly a challenging place to be in, this earth.

As generations pass, the lessons get harder to learn for the next generation.
In the older, we see them struggle with jealousy, anger, grief, physical pain.
In the middle, we see self realisation making them lonely, ego making them ruthless leaders, greed making them unavailable emotionally.
In the younger, we see them struggle to adjust to this physical body, some are too disconnected from their physicality, labels being put on them.  Autism, down syndrome, bipolar, Schizophrenics, etc.  Everyday is already a struggle to control this body of theirs.

What have we learnt from these younger generations that are our future?  Do we still hold the belief system that "Momma knows best?"

Erik can tell you all about this.
So many others across the world have crossed path with him in one way or another.  This weekend, I dedicated it to Erik Rune Medhus and Dr. Elisa Medhus.
Thank you for everything you have done.
Click for it here : Channeling Erik

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