Monday, 3 October 2011

A Parenthesis

LOYALTY in question.
A break from the "real life"?
What is the "real life" and what is the parenthesis?
How loyal are we to each?

For some, the parenthesis is their real life.
Jet setting from one airport lounge to another, coming back to an empty apartment, staying for less than a day, before settling in again yet in another airport lounge.  They'd be lucky if they get 48 hours in where they call "home".
The warmth they get is from the free blanket on the plane.

For others, they'd be lucky to jet out of their real life once a year.
They're always wishing there's more than 24 hours in a day because they feel they could've done a better job dressing their sick mother by just spending a little bit more time putting her make up on, or because they just feel that they could've stayed a while when their daughter asked them to sit and chat over afternoon tea.  There's hardly enough time to groom themselves.
So many people in their life, wanting a piece of them.  Any kind of break would be savoured to the last bits.  Even when that parenthesis would jeopardise their sacred-est vow.

So, what do you think is the parenthesis for English rugby captain Mike Tindall?
Read here and judge for yourself.

In the land of the long white clouds...
the once was bright blue sky and sunshine...
had just turned overcast and gloomy


  1. such pretty pictures, the scenery is so serene :)

  2. Thank you PC. I love Queenstown, you can find these kind of scenery everywhere you throw your eyes at. Beautiful place.