Monday, 24 October 2011

First Ballet Performance

I still remember my first piano performance.  In front of the congregation, I was a tiny 6 year old to play a simple piano piece.  I remember that I was calm and composed, not knowing what stage fright was, but definitely my hands were a bit cooler than usual even when the temperature was around 26 degrees celcius.

After that first performance, everything became blur, piano recital, orchestra performance, choir graduation performance, don't forget the odd bits of wedding performances, I liked those ones because I got to wear the nice party dresses instead of the boring black dress code.  However, with nice party dresses, came the odd wardrobe malfunction of slipping shoulder strap, and the rest.

This little girl I have, however, could not contain her joy of being told that this is her debut ballet piece and she'd remember it for the rest of her life.  That, got her behaving like a firecracker the entire evening leading up to the actual performance.
"Backstage pas de trois"
Totally messed up her ending courtesy bow because she opted to jump up and down in great joy instead.  Her joy was infectious because her dance partner followed her.
"Partners in crime" 
Of course, the hair bun I made at home,
 fell apart completely even before the dress rehearsal was started.  The dress she wore was soaking wet before she even had to change into her costume. 

Backstage after the performance, looking rather intoxicated I would say.  She ended up throwing up twice past midnight.  
Quite traumatic for me, but I think she would do it all over again and be exactly just like that.  


  1. aww she looks so pretty! and I'm glad she enjoyed the experience!!

  2. Thank you for reading, Pop Champagne. :")