Friday, 7 October 2011

The Bed Sheet that Did the Deed

Any of you who ever got married, will know that one of your friends/ family, will give that precious set of bed sheet for your first night with the husband.
Likewise, I had my set of bed sheet.  Not 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton, but it was nice enough and perhaps NOT have those sweet memories they were supposed to produce.
After the marriage ended prematurely, the bed sheet was a permanent resident at the back of the wardrobe day, I had the urge to snip snip snip away those memories.
So this is what I did:

Humming the "Sound of Music" tune....somehow I'm reminded...of the movie that is...

The 2 pieces of the pyjama pants to be

After the right sewing (I managed to make it into a skirt, before making it into the pants that it should be)

A closer look
How's that for a lazy Sunday afternoon?


  1. Very cool project! Are they comfy? :)

  2. heheh.. you always surprise me with the cutting.. always eager to see what comes out at the end after the cutting and snipping and sewing.. very nicely done!!

  3. Katherine: I made it for mom, she hasn't commented anything but she wanted me to make another. But I think I have to tweak the pattern a bit. We'll see.
    Simply Single: Thanks gal. Yet to make another and the tops.