Friday, 7 October 2011

The (only) Downside of Singledom

So, I have 2 invitations for 4 tonight, to attend the lucky draw function held by one of the banks here.
My parents already bailed out when the invitation came.  Who can blame them, they're aging and had 2 friends that tag along with them all the time, namely Mr. Parkinson and Mrs. Osteoporosis.
What a girl got to do when left with 2 invitations for 4 people?  So, this is what I did:

1. begged my daughter to have her afternoon nap so she can boogie the night away with me.
Result: She gave me 2 choices, either she goes to the function tonight and skip her ballet lesson (which she has an upcoming performance to do), or, she goes to her ballet lesson and skip tonight.  Tough choice, obviously I'm a good mom and discipline is numero uno.  So, I'm left without a partner again.  Who says it's easier to have a little girl than a little boy?

2. called my BFF in town and ask how she likes to have free dinner on me.  She can drag her husband along therefore giving her the freedom to come and go as they like (I thought what's the point of calling her if this is the option she's taking, silly me, I'd still be left without a partner).
Result: She's probably a sweetie and doesn't want to make me feel bad in the end by coming with her husband and leaving me yet alone in the middle of the function because it was getting too late.  So, I'm left without a partner yet again.

3. took a deep breath and start thinking that I've been to a lot of functions alone since I've became a single mom.  Certainly beats having to carry a sleepy girl all the way to the car park.  Beats having to try to have a conversation the whole night with whoever I came with.  And most of all, it beats having a lifetime of headache from a lifetime partner.
So, is there really a downside to being single?  I think not, hey, if I win that major prize tonight at the function, at least I'll be anonymous enough not to share it with anyone.  Ha ha ha.  What a lie, I know what I'd do first thing first.  But it'll also be anonymous.  ; )

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