Thursday, 13 October 2011

New Novels for the Mid-Term Break

Another break at her school.  How it scares me, it means 24 hours of headache.
So we trot along the local imported bookstore and bought these for her:

A more story packed book with less illustration.

At first she refused to buy the Monkey King's tales, I had to tell her that it's for me.  But, at home, it's a different story, she read a page, and started to question about the immortals and enlightenment, this is the book she kept on asking me to pass to her.  How wonderful.  Surely it'll take her longer to finish, right, right?


  1. omg I totally remember those monkey king's tales! I don't remember what happened in the very end though, he must have gotten that headband off eventually huh?

  2. Something funny, she was laughing so much when she watched the first episode of the classic "Journey to the West" series, because she used to love headband so much that it just has to be on her head every day (like the monkey king) and the way she sits on the arm of chair was exactly like the way the monkey king sat on his throne.
    So now, whenever she gets onto her cheeky mode, I just call her "WuKong" just like the monkey king whenever he misbehave.

  3. awww, she is adorable! I am glad she loves to read too. My daughter is the same, always have a book with her. My son on the other hand does not. Boys will be boys. Have a great weekend.