Saturday, 12 March 2011

Taste of finer things

Christchurch and Sendai, put exclamation marks onto "be thankful for everyday".
I'm thankful for being able to taste some of the things I never thought I'd taste (7 years of vegetarianism).

Location: "Sidart, NZ"

Because it was mid-summer, they gave us refreshing pre-entree.
Ginger mixed with watermelon and refreshing lemon sorbet, presented with smoke. Glass lifted, smoke came out, and immediately invoke our senses (hungriness, mostly).

Yellow fin tuna (doesn't taste like tuna at all, or I would've puked it out), aloe vera gel (I like this one on my hair better), radish, wasabi, squid ink (never thought it'll taste good).

Cured salmon (not really my cuppa tea), goats cheese with peas, deep fried smoked eel, and dehidrated seaweed (now this was really yum).

John dori with paua (I know the paua shell used to make jewelleries, but not the meat), miso sauce, and vanilla broth.

Easterbrook quail and rabbit loin with almonds and gingerbread. Not a fa
n of almonds but here, it tastes good, not as overwhelming as most almonds I've tasted.

Ostrich fillet (very rich), cauliflower, smoked date and capers with manuka honey. I love the presentation, reminds me of a garden.

Poussin with seared scallops, apple sauce and celery. What is a "Poussin"? Liver of something? Scary. Would be that little cube at the top.

Hawkes Bay lamb, celeriac, beetroot with licorice. Nice, could feel red blood cells forming already.

The two desserts courses was too delicious that I've forgotten to take photographs.

Thank you for the experience.

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