Friday, 18 March 2011

Great teacher, great talent.

I never thought I'd sew. But a great woman told me to learn and I did so from her.
Not everyone with great talent can teach. Being a teacher doesn't mean they have great talent. Rarely so to find one who's got both: talent and ability to pass it on.

That reminds me of 1 incident way back when I was very much younger. 2003, I wanted to learn the gu zheng (Chinese zither). Someone recommended a teacher in her late 40's, said to excel in all kinds of Chinese arts, calligraphy, drawing, and the rest.
So I went to see her, but after so much thinking, I decided to go with another teacher out of town.
Fate crossed. That teacher I turned down, was one of the judges in a gu zheng competition. My heart definitely sank. I knew she remembered me.
So she did, because out of the 3 judges, she gave me a fail, while the other 2 judges loved and praised my performance.

People I knew have said before that if I wanted to excel, I must find a teacher who's willing to teach, not just one who wants to let the students know that she's the best in the industry. Certainly have found someone who's genuine about teaching me how to sew.

In honour of her works, here are some of her best.

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