Thursday, 17 March 2011

Go Silk....

My clothes are made mainly from 100% silk and silk compound fabrics. Some silks are hair tearing, some are friendlier. They all "talk" to you. You might want them to go right, but they'll go left instead.

Why waste your time you may ask?

I always loved dresses, it hides the muffin top, love handle, baby fat, orange peel, etc, whatever you may call those devils.
Dresses are supposedly easy to make, right? You can eliminate the pockets, the frills, the flounces, whatever, practically, it's just a rug sack to cover your body, put a belt on it, carry your clutch, add heels and voila, instantly ready to go out.

But nothing out there is made out of silk nowadays, unless you're willing to spend a fortune on a dress by going designer. Nuh ah, it ain't me. Not for clothing at least. I do like Balenciaga jackets, but that's different (I know who's laughing now, yes, you, Chocolatesheep).

Last year, 2010, the temperature was definitely rising as Mount Merapi started to show signs of activity. Polyester just didn't cut it for me no more. So why not go silk?
Simple reason for a lot of time wasting activity, isn't it?

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