Friday, 11 March 2011

Doodles so far...

My daughter hated holding anything in her hands. While other kids same age as her already started drawing lines and circles, she decides that it was more fun to walk around the classroom, playing teacher while her classmates sit and study.

Definitely worrying to find that even with my company, she would not hold a colouring pencil, let alone toothbrush.

Fast forward 1 year, now 4.5 years old, she still grabs my hand to make me brush her teeth, still hates colouring in, but lookie lookie, what have we got here?

Mainly pictures of me and her.
Going ice skating, cooking while she draws, attending a wedding, rapunzel episode (after we watched it in 3D), her and Christopher (our family friend's son), and the attempt to colour (she asks for the Sunday newspaper kid's section, how adorable!).

Counting my blessings....


  1. Yi Bei could not have a better mother sis! You are just what she needs and her what you need. Miss you both very very much...

  2. Thanks sis, I'm not what she needs when I'm tired. :(

    Miss you both more.