Saturday, 19 March 2011

Auckland's Summer Rain

I used to hate the in between seasons in Auckland. Weather would be like a woman's mood (during PMS). Rain one minute, sunshine the next. Once, I took my laundry in and out of the clothing lines, three times. But read what my dear dear friend wrote to me yesterday. Made me miss home more, even it's PMS weather.

"It's raining big fat hot drops of rain here Anna Young. The garden is purring like a cat. Each flower, each plant has its face turned to heaven's kiss.
It's a wet but content world outside my walls.
The cat's on the bed asleep after I combed him and a bolognese sauce is bubbling on the stove in anticipation of my old friend Maureen who is coming to me for dinner and a massage tonight. 35 years ago I loved her madly and passionately but we were obviously supposed to be good friends instead. I often smile about this as I rub her back.
Anna Young the dead palm fronds of summer have fallen on my bowing, wind-listless bamboo forcing them to their knees.
Tomorrow I will have to go out and remove them so the Bamboo can move and whisper to me once again at night in my dreams.
It does that which is why I like it."


  1. wow.. its so poetic.. he makes it sound so peaceful..and we should be grateful for the rain.
    thanks for sharing

  2. You're welcome dear. It is wonderful to look at things from the fuller side.