Saturday, 11 January 2014

"World War Z" Review

I am not drawn to movies with zombies, but the fact that it was partly shot in Malta, I'll give Brad Pitt another chance to redeem himself after 6 children with Angie.

The movie centered on 'Gerry' (Brad Pitt), a United Nations employee and how he alone saves the world from a pandemic that turns humans into flesh eating animal like creatures.

To me, the plot is predictable (inspired from Max Brooks' 2006 apocalyptic horror novel "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War") and the way the zombies behave, i.e. throwing themselves onto their prey (were they replaced by dolls for those actions? hence the throwing themselves movement?), was unsavory and to have the thought "Walking Dead" perhaps is a better representative of this zombie actions makes it more uncouth.  The teeth clacking part were truly comical.

The funny part came when the story moves to Jerusalem (shot in Valletta, Malta's capital) and the Maltese native who's watching the movie with me started pointing out the streets he often passes and the fact that those extras playing the crowds was shouting "ejja, ejja" (Maltese for "come on, come on"), of course it could've been one of those universal sounds like "oh" or "ah".

For me, the message was too clear for mass subliminal messages.
"Get vaccinated always".
The movie shows that Pitt injected himself with a deadly pathogen to escape being bitten, then when UN develops an anti virus, he's injected again with that anti virus.  Wow, how many times are you going to get yourself injected, Pitt?
For a fact, I never get a flu shot, and I hardly ever get flu ever!  Compare myself to my siblings who do get a shot, they've been sick all year long with flu or cough in and out all the time.  What's wrong here?  Something clearly doesn't add up to me.

To sum it up, I don't like this movie.  Firstly for the cheap body (dummy) throwing zombies.  Secondly, for the underlying mass brainwashing fear induced message of get yourself a jab or die.  The movie end by saying that we need to help each other, well, that's all true, but help each other in what?  Reminding your neighbour to get vaccinated?
Give it a pass if you don't like to be blatantly brainwashed.

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  1. The film The Secret Life of Mitty is good, the message is simple: Let's try the thing you want to. This is also my values of my life

    Mitty, because of his trials, gets his rewards.

    Me, often hit the wall. But I enjoy the process

  2. That's good Michael :)
    Thanks for the movie recommendation, I'll look into it and perhaps a review once I find it.
    Hope you are well :)

  3. wow , I never thought that there is a message about getting vaccinated in this film , but makes a lot of sense, I don't get flu shots and I haven't been sick in years, can't even remember when the last time was, it's all in the mind, if you see your body as healthy and fit it will keep in the state of ease :)

    1. I agree, Kasia.
      For a number of years, I've observed the people who are taking flu shots versus the ones who don't. I can now conclude the types of people who will take flu shots and the types who won't. Quite a shocking list, but true.