Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sew Along Qi Pao for Lunar New Year

The Qi Pao remix
As the Lunar New Year is coming closer (31 January 2014), a favourite sewing site that uses Japanese sewing pattern is holding a sew along little girls' Qi Pao (Chinese girls' dress).
I'm so excited and am sharing with all of my readers here.

Click this link:
Japanese Sewing Books Qi Pao Sew Along

Fabric guide for this dress is usually thick silk material with elaborate embroidery, but a normal cotton will do just fine since little girls grew up so fast and will only wear the dress once a per year.
As for me, I have my formal red Qi Pao that I wore once for a Gu Zheng competition, and a fun cotton one that I probably will never wear.  Because I prefer my flip flop and normal clothes for everyday, even on that day :)

Disclaimer: the picture above is not mine and not the sew along dress.


  1. I think my sewing skills need some serious improvements before I can make one of these!! Although... probably would be one of these dresses that gets wore once every year? :P