Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's not about the Destination

It's about the journey and the things you learn when you stop and be silent
Summer has been lovely and for the first time in many a long year I stayed in NZ and more particularly enjoyed my house and garden.
Long days with the windows and doors open and the sweet smell of jasmine perfuming the interior of the house whose internal shadows provided a delicious cool against the afternoon heat outside.
Early evenings, just before sunset, found me with a glass of wine in one hand and a hose in the other watering my garden and my crops of spinach which I am growing to give me iron and standing in the wisps of cooking smoke from the barbecue as they danced across the stones and bore themselves upwards before melting into the trees.

Also friends have been kind and plentiful and I have hardly had an evening alone. There has been good company nearly all the time. 
This year, too, the shop turns 100 years old.
How I have come to love being in my shop more than ever. The work itself provides useful occupation and enjoyment especially when mingled with lunches at Heizou and Tai Chi practice to the amusement of window shoppers who catch me at it and piano practice and visiting friends. Moreover it is a quiet haven away from the maddening crowd.                       I have so much to be grateful for.


  1. Replies
    1. Postcard from NZ series always makes me feel so much love....Thank you for reading <3

  2. congrats on the shop turning 100, that's a big achievement!!

    1. Thank you dear, centennial filled with love and laughter.