Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Free Pattern: Shoulder & Knee Warmer

This project is based on the Free Pattern "Amelia" by Drops Design.
Knee warmer as wrist warmer (my knee is the same size as my wrist???  apparently so...)

I didn't follow the instruction religiously as I felt that 2 strands of the yarn I have would be too bulky for something lacey.
- 2 * 50gr Heritage certified organic merino 4 ply (for both shoulder and knee)
- 5.00 mm, 80 cm then change to 60 cm circular Karbonz knitting needle (for shoulder)
- 6.00 mm Tulip crochet hook (binding off shoulder)
- 2.50 mm, 25 cm circular Symfonie knitting needle (for knee)
- 2.50 mm Tulip crochet hook (binding off knee)
- stitch marker
- needle to stitch in ends

The set
On the knee, some on calf, all I need is the boots.
The alteration I did for the shoulder warmer was quite a lot because I realised as I'm only using 1 strand, it looked a bit small when going with their suggested stitches.  I added about 4 more repetition of the pattern only realising that it was a bit much and started decreasing on every knit row to keep the pattern looking as it supposed to be.
I added about 3 more repetition of the last pattern rows because I didn't want it to slip off my shoulder when worn.

For the knee, I casted on 68 stitches, and did the first pattern 6x instead of 4x as it was written.  Then I go on each pattern 1x and skipped pattern F.  I repeat G till the piece was around 25cm long.

Very simple project to do over a long weekend.  Enjoy!

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