Sunday, 21 December 2014

Free Pattern: Kim Kardashian's Beanie

There's a link to her written pattern on her youtube tutorial, which helped a lot in figuring out what to do.
 I used about 100gr of cashmere merino Zealana Yarn with 5mm Karbonz Knitpro knitting needles.

I'm liking the simpleness of the pattern, straight forward just follow each step and you'll be fine.
Yet to wear the beanie, but cuteness overload promised.


  1. hey the beanie turned out really well! good work!! :)

  2. I see you used a size 8 needle instead of the 10+11 she uses in the tutorial and pattern. How did you adjust?

  3. I think the yarn I used is bigger than hers. That's how it finally worked out.