Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Mainstream Defiler

If I were a person living in the middle ages, I would be a woman who knows how to read (at that time, people outside the church did not learn how to read/write) and just so happen to have a black cat, and was fried at the stake.

Since then, I never choose a role that's boring as so called 'mainstream role'.  Although I bought into 'mainstream' a long long time ago, thinking that I'd be an awesome accountant for the big 5 with a super IT husband and a pair of cutesy pie kids.  
To have life turned out like what it is now, is like trying to go to London-England, but somehow ending up at London-Canada.

I guess I'm a 'mainstream defiler' and I've been given a very much non-mainstream child.  Call her "special needs kid", call her "autistic", call her "naughty", I call her my love.

Everyday I wake up and thank the source for giving me the life that I never expected.  That my world is so different from my peers' and that makes me ready for anything and everything.


  1. I've learned that life never works out the way expected.... graduated from highschool even university I thought I'd work in either Toronto or Vancouver downtown but then I ended up in Ottawa... I also thought I ws going to get married and alas I'm wayyy behind now lol. I think theres nothing wrong being a mainstream defiler. and I'm sure you are on a great path that lead you to great and wonderful things!!

    1. Thank you J, really enjoying these detours in life :)

  2. I love your blog
    im also joing the single mommy club next month and its such a daunting feeling but reading blogs from strong educated moms such as yourself makes me feel empowered!
    oh and i work with autistic children for a living, im a SENCO and honestly they are the smartest, purest & most loving children ever <3
    i followed you xxx

    1. Thank you Zara May, great to hear you're a SENCO. Always be happy, these kids can feel us. :)