Thursday, 3 October 2013

Pebbles On The Sand

I love to meditate by the sea, sometimes I share my thoughts and longings with it too.

I remember once i decided to go and walk on the beach, it was early summer. 
I walked by the edge where the sand was moist so that I would leave my footprints and every now and then I look back and look at the pattern.

There were young children playing, building sand castles and gathering tiny pebbles to embellish their constructions.  Their enthusiastic laughter  mingled with cries from the seagulls, they were so happy.
I stopped to feel the rising sun on my shoulders and the soft breeze and also to smell the sea. Tiny waves were kissing my toes as if they were extended fingers of the sea inviting me to play with them. 
I picked up a pebble on the sand and it seemed it knew my hand.  The rhythm of my breathing matched the rhythm of the incoming waves...I felt one with the sea and the pebble and the sun. 
It was all a song of creation...a song of Being-ness. 
I bent down and wrote on the soft sand, "I am in love with you" as if talking to the sea.
Like a little child, I skimmed the pebble on the sea, like an acknowledgment to the sea...or was it a way of communicating with it?
After some time, oblivious of the passing time, I noticed the waves gaining more momentum...due to the rising sun, I suppose.  
When I came back from my pleasant reverie, I noticed that the waves have crumbled the castles and that now my writing on the sand said only, "I am...". I could not help but smile, looked at the sea and sent a loving imaginary hug. 
I turned back to return home...all my footprints were erased by the sea.  I felt so much love that my eyes watered and a tear drop fell in the sea, carried away by the waves mingling with the ocean. 
Yes, I am one...always, am one with the Source. 


  1. Oh so inspiring. I felt every bit of it on my skin. You write so beautifully. :) Much much love to you my dear!

    1. Thank you dear. The writing is courtesy of a guest writer ;) you know who he is :)