Monday, 21 October 2013

Courtesy Visit from the Giants Part 1

It was a quiet summer night, soft, silvery light from the full moon graced my room. 
I sat in meditation, as usual and was soon drifting within, so calm and serene. 
This night’s meditation, however, was to be a short one. 
I felt heaviness in the room, as if being watched by invisible beings, was not scary at all but weird in a way. 
I felt shadows moving in my room and I was sure could even hear their invisible ethereal footsteps. 
I opened my eyes after some time, all was quiet, the moonlight still there softly lighting my room, all was quiet except for the heavy air.
I felt these presences as if they were giants of some sort…but I was not scared at all.

I became aware that my apartment block stands very near a very ancient megalithic temple and burial caves. 
I couldn't help but smile at the fantasy of the thought… 

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