Saturday, 28 September 2013

Barking at Shadows

It was a very quiet night...a distant bark from a dog, then quiet again. 
Rain was gently falling silently on the street. 
A puddle reflected the bright moon, a yellow, golden orb in the puddle. 
I was staring at the moon's reflection being broken into many tiny fragments when raindrops hit the puddle. 
Then, the images shiver into connecting together reflecting the whole moon...until the next drop....

The moon does not change, only the reflection does. 
The light in the heavens and the light in the puddle, both lights from one light. 
The light from the moon is already a reflection from the sun which is out of sight in the night.

Waves of light, too were hitting me and inner love and compassion awakened in my heart. 
Light and Love is all we are but we cling to our beliefs that we are the moon in the puddle, always being fragmented into many pieces through our prejudices...false beliefs and worldly desires. 

We are the Light...the moon reflecting light from the Source, from the sun. 
Light within is all Light and Love.

The dog barked again...maybe seeing shadows somewhere. 
We all bark after shadows...until the sun rises and we awaken.