Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Man Who Quit Money

Recently, I've been told by people I knew that I've changed completely.
Despite all the unfortunate things that's been happening in my life for the past decade, they said that it's unbelievable how I smile sincerely and even laugh happily, too.
They asked me how in the world I can still do that, when to their eyes, I'm living such a phooey life (dejected, rejected and judged by society).

If you want to know the whole story, commission me to write you a book.  Perhaps sequels?
However, it is really so simple, too.  I can describe it in a sentence.  Where's the sentence you might ask?  Well, ask me :)

One aspect of it, I felt in this article, courtesy of the Daily Mail, UK:
"The Man Who Quit Money"

Although that is not all there is to it but it is certainly part and parcel of the answer to their questions.

Take this simple picture:
For some of you, it will just be a picture of leaves taken by a camera phone and won't even capture your attention when scanning through my blog entries.
But to my daughter, this picture immediately puts a smile on her because she remembers that day when she found this unusual orange black spider that was spinning web on its prey and was probably about to eat it for lunch.

You see, everyone of us view things differently.  Even a mother and her daughter will have different views on the same thing.
When the right to judge is in the hands of the person living the reality, the world will change, surely.

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