Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mr. Stupid

Mr.Stupid drives a European car, Audi, BMW and the likes.

Mr.Stupid thinks when he succeeds in this project, he'll reward himself with an upgrade of the car, the watch, the house, the wife (?).

Mr.Stupid knows he cannot upgrade the wife, but perhaps instead of flowers, next time is a bank account to let her do botox, vitamin C injection, and the likes.

Mr.Stupid gets upset when his ego is bruised by some old friend that identifies his fears and insecurities.

Mr.Stupid calls everyone friends because he might need them later on down the rosy lane of his prestigious life.  Plus it shows his flexibility to be able to be "friends" without prejudice, so he thought.

Mr.Stupid worries when someone remarked his shiny new watch, "Oh, it's just a Rolex.".  He thought to himself, "Didn't she knows how hard I had to work for this Rolex?".

Mr.Stupid is frustrated when work is not working out right while his relationship is non existence at all, that's OK for him, because what matters is MONEY, right?

Mr.Stupid is so proud of himself that he talks endlessly about his achievements, goals and what's more to come out of him in the future, because what matters is his own FAME, right?

Mr.Stupid disregard those who talks to him about reflecting upon himself and his actions.  Instead, he replies, "What do you really want from me?"

Mr.Stupid is happy to walk around everyday being asleep and is afraid to be awaken.  Because clinging to his Zegna suits, Rolex watch, his model wife, his perfect kids, feels better to him than anything else he can think of.

For my male readers, please change Mr.Stupid to Miss.Stupid and change the branded goods names accordingly to your preference.

I am not addressing anyone specific and Mr/Miss Stupid is a fictitious character that represent something that's unseen.  Your consciousness.
The branded goods I mentioned above, is randomly picked and has no significant affiliation towards the brand itself and I have no intention to defame or undermine the brand itself.

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