Thursday, 6 September 2012

Postcard from NZ

It is the season of change again and here is another postcard from ever changing face of nature in New Zealand.

"Spring rain has been in abundance; dark, rolling masses unfolding from the west and the cold that often comes with it..the storms of change, strong winds and battering rains but it's a time of change for all living things isn't it? 

Two blackbirds are mating in my garden now unperturbed by it all it would seem and yesterday a tired pigeon came into the shelter of my garage to die in a warm corner of its choosing but I foolishly sent it back outside before I realised what it really wanted.  It's lack of energy to escape was my clue and I didn't read it well. 
Story of my life it would seem. I don't read clues.

The pale-eyed, grey clad armies of winter huddle around now smokeless fires ushering in the triumphant, blazing reds and golds and brilliant greens of spring.  

Truly every season is wonderful and you and I are still above the ground to see them.  How lovely for us both."

Indeed, every changes brings their own loveliness.  Even the slightest shift in one mind's paradigm can bring out the brightest light from within.
More of this to come later, but now, lets thank the season of change.

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