Saturday, 18 August 2012

Awe Struck Moments

You'll notice when you have kids that they sometimes say the strangest thing that makes your eyes pop out, or tickle your ribs so hard it makes you laugh, or makes you touch your forehead because it is so mind boggling to say at their age.

At 4 years old, on her dinner:
"Mmm, the macaroni is bubbling deliciously in the pot."

At 3 years old, on her drawing:
"The mice on ice are doing somersaults."

At 4 years old, she sings:
"They say I'm just drama, but every bubbles got to pop!"

At 6 years old, on her math quiz:
"This is a piece of cake, so give me a piece of meat!"

At 6 years old, out of nowhere she blurted out:
"I wish I could have a virgin birth."
I went: "Whuattt?  Wwwhat do you mean?"
She goes: "Having a kid without marrying someone."
I asked: "Where did you read about that?"
She answered: "Nat Geo!"
I thought, oh it must have been about the Virgin Mary story.
So I asked: "Why would you want to give birth to a child?"
She declared: "Well I want to have a little assistant for myself!"
So I searched for my forehead and slapped it hard!
The whole time she never stopped doing her homeschool grade 1 math......aiyayaii

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  1. LOL. that's funny. it's not really a virgin birth because... well.. i don't get into the physical details hahaha. but having a kid as an assistant to yourself... that COULD work but def illegal in North America!!