Friday, 28 November 2014

South Korea Plastics

I thought it was funny when my daughter saw that parody of what used to be cool then (during my time) and what is cool now.
For example, it was not cool during my time to wear glasses and have braces.  Now, they wear glasses without the actual lenses and wears stick on braces on their teeth because it means you have money to fix your teeth.

Back in my college years, I heard stories about how South Korean girls not recognising their friends after their summer holiday because they did the double eyelid job.  The emerging plastic surgery industry was just starting back then.  I thought it was a joke that teens and twenty something could be so unhappy with their appearance, they would drastically change it while still in the same community.

Now, that scenario is so real, I see the plastics everywhere on TV.  It seems like they come out of a plastic mold that has several variations only.
Not just on TV!!!  They are also everywhere in everyday life!!!
My ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, I thought I saw her before somewhere.  I wonder why she looked familiar and why he was so angry when I was saying casually to him that this face that I have this lifetime is 100% original.    

What happened to drastic hair/fashion style change?
Perhaps piling on make up products is so passe that girls are now taking drastic measures.  I wouldn't be surprised of slumping sales figures of cosmetic companies.  In the future, the make up bottles would read: "Safe for plastics".

I cringed while reading one of the local paper's article today.  It read: "South Korea Surgery Holiday is Booming".  Hang on I thought, was that the agenda on free trade last month?
It talked about this girl who spent about USD 13,000 to go to Korea for holiday and 4 (yes, F-O-U-R) surgeries done.  No real name or pictures, of course.  However, the most cringe worthy paragraph was when she talked about how she doesn't mind walking around the malls after the surgery was completed with bandages on her face and thighs because she sees other "holiday makers" doing the same thing, too.
Whatever their motivation may be, I hope it's always for themselves to be a happier person.


  1. that's why when 2 beautiful people get married, they can only produce ugly kids. When the kids grow up, they can get their faces all done up too. Society always try to make us conform so that we are normal, everyone works to the same standards and lose out on originality. I guess we all want to look "normal" too....

    1. Questions: "What is normal? Who sets the standard? How do you define normal?".

    2. its a myth. there is no such thing as normal. I like to be me, even if that means it gets others annoyed and exasperated with my behaviour....