Monday, 3 March 2014

My World according to My 7 Year Old

Yesterday, I had the liberty to thrust myself into an online miscommunication.
Not often that I let myself involve in this kind of thing as I had a definition that online life is not as real as the physical life.
Hence getting into an online argument equals to a waste of time.

However, it is hard to dismiss something when you're privately messaged.  Ah, this is another definition for me, to be privately messaged, it means business for me.  Just the same as being tagged, or being mentioned in someone's post.
These definitions of mine, pushed me into a total waste of time.

I could've dismissed the whole thing for nonsensical people fighting about a lost cause that was once fought, or I could be logical and actually try to remind them of the importance of internet safety.
Alas I chose the latter.  As predicted, total waste of time according to earlier definition.

Today however, I choose to change my definition.  Online life can be as real as one wants it to be.  So, for those who took online life so real that it becomes their reality, can thank me for putting my time typing about the danger of exposing themselves online if they take online life, that real.  You are very much welcome.
I'm glad I was not wasting my time as I once viewed it, that others actually took it that real.  So I thank you in return with much love and appreciation.

When I talked to my 7 year old about what happened, she said,
"Mom, you have weird friends."  
That pretty much summed it up for me about the entire "friendship" thing that I never quite understood to begin with.

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